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Scar formation is the body’s way of healing the skin after injury. A scar’s appearance depends largely on the type of wound and where it is on the body, but other factors such as age, sex, ethnicity and heredity can play a role as well. Scar tissue is different than normal skin in both texture and color. Scars may fade over time or with treatment, but they will never completely disappear.

Scarring helps repair the skin and other tissues after an injury. When the thick layer of skin called the dermis is damaged, the body repairs it with collagen, eventually forming a scar. Scars can be caused by trauma to the skin from incisions or burns, and they can also be caused by conditions such as acne or chickenpox.

Scar tissue looks different than normal skin. Scars typically appear flat and paler than the surrounding skin. But scars can vary greatly in appearance depending on their location, cause, age and skin type. Acne scars can form deep pits, burn scars often have a wavy, stretched appearance. People who are young or dark-skinned may develop raised scars.

Scars cannot be completely removed, but treatment can help make them less noticeable. Treatment options depend on the type of scar and may include topical applications, steroid or collagen injections, laser resurfacing, or surgical removal.

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