This urine test can show a variety of problems in your body. Your doctor may order a urinalysis to check for signs of urinary tract infection or kidney disease. The test can also show signs of diabetes or pregnancy.

You need to collect a sample of urine for the test. You don’t need to eat or drink anything special before you collect it. Tell your doctor about any medicines or supplements you take, because these can affect the results.

Collecting the Sample
Collect the sample in a sterile container provided by your doctor. You may be given a container and asked to collect your urine at home when you first wake up. Or, you may take the sample at the doctor’s office. Before you collect the sample, you are asked to clean around your urinary opening with a special wipe. When this is clean, you begin urinating into the toilet. You pass the collection container into your urine stream to collect the sample. Then, you finish urinating into the toilet. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully to make sure you collect a clean, usable sample.

Catheter Collection
Less commonly, your doctor may decide to take a sample with a catheter. This is a thin, flexible tube. It is placed into your urethra and pushed up into your bladder to collect the sample.

The urine sample is sent to a lab for testing. The color, clarity, concentration and chemical composition are studied. Technicians test for
bacteria and cellular material. Your doctor can usually tell you the results of a urinalysis within a few days.

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