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If the person or entity receiving this information is not a health care provider or health plan covered by federal privacy regulation, the information described above may be disclosed to other individuals or institutions and no longer protected by these regulations.

You may revoke this authorization in writing at any time by sending written notification to the Urgent Care Clinic Of Lincoln at 4210 Pioneer Woods Drive Suite A, Lincoln, NE 68506. Your notice will not apply to actions taken by the requesting person/entity prior to the date they receive your written request to revoke authorization.

By clicking the Submit button, Urgent Care Clinic of Lincoln has permission to print out your requested medical records. In order for UCCL to release the records to you, your signature is required. If the patient requesting his or her medical records is a minor, the Parent or Legal Guardian’s signature is required. Please allow 24 hours for your medical records to be prepared and ready for pickup. Proof of identification will be required.



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