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This is a group of tests performed on a sample of your blood. The tests measure different chemicals in your blood plasma. This is the pale yellow liquid part of your blood. Your blood cells float in this liquid. By examining your plasma, your doctor can learn about the health of many systems in your body.

The blood sample is typically taken from a vein in your arm or hand. Your doctor may tell you that you should not eat or drink for several hours before the sample is taken. If you take any medications, you may be asked to withhold them or to adjust the dose before your blood is drawn. Follow your doctor’s instructions carefully.

Your blood sample is examined in a laboratory. A full BMP includes a study of the levels of glucose, calcium, and electrolytes in your blood. It also includes a study of the waste products blood urea nitrogen (commonly abbreviated as ‘BUN’) and creatinine. Together, these levels give your doctor information about the health of your muscles, bones and organs. Your doctor will explain your results and let you know what any abnormal levels may mean for you.

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